Numinous: Provoking spiritual, religious, mysterious, awe-inspiring emotions. A presence of divinity and supernatural sense.

A cambion born from a sinful unification, Nei develops through the hardships that occur from the circumstance of his birth. He is, to many, an abomination. Blood tied to the monstrous Fomorians. Despite this, Nei aspires to be a knight. But will this dream filled child only become what is expected of him, or can he become something more valiant?
Neveia, A monster to some, and a hero to others. A leader fledged through the absence of love, bloodshed, and the blessing from a divine being. Connected to Nei, Neveia is journeying to fulfill the dreams of the cambion. He makes his way through the world of Eriu, a world of magic, monsters, and mysterious gods, to become the beacon of light Nei desires.

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[Numinous Dream is a comic recommended for 18+ readers. Warning for themes generally encompassing extreme violence, physical/mental/sexual abuse, body horror, gore, guro, and more.]

About Nekyua

A small monster man spawning from San Jose, California. Trotting to the afterlife with little higher education. With little achievements to show, here he is. Always fascinated with fantastical worlds, anthropomorphism, historical horrors, macabre, and the inner workings of the mind and illness. Though he's attempted a few times, this is Nekyua's first up and running comic, Numinous Dream, inspired by different cultures and mythologies, the most being Celtic Mythos. The concept work has been going since 2014.

About Herb

Hello, I'm Nekyua's writer consultant, not actually his writer.

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